A journey through the flavors and uniqueness of the local culture

Each of our distillates offers unique personalities and flavors, resulting from the different traditional methods of distillation and the local and exclusive ingredients of each region. A unique and different history marked by the unique character of its origin.



Premium handmade DRY GIN. 100% Natural, without artificial flavors, nor additives, nor sugar.

Exclusive GRAIN TO BOTTLE process. No shortcuts. Unlike most of the Gin producers in the world we do not bulk buy our base alcohol, we produce it from local barley in the distillery. We take care of all the phases of elaboration, from grain to bottle. Made 100% with barley and local juniper. We obtain a "Grand Cru" quality product that has been taken care batch by batch, bottle by bottle, to offer the best flavor.

And in tribute to the African spirit of Iradier and Bulfy we include in our recipe unique ingredients such as CACAO and GUINEA PEPPER.



We create our base alcohol for Iradier y Bulfy IPA Gin from scratch, with malted barley, water and yeast, like craft brewers dos.

After the fermentation of this "beer" begins the journey through copper, a slow distillation from which we extract the best alcohol.

Iradier and Bulfy IPA GIN is the only gin with Cascade and Yellow flower hops so characteristic of IPA beers.

The result is a very aromatic gin, the hops in bloom are prominent in aroma and are perfectly accompanied by clear notes of juniper, Mediterranean citrus and spices. A fresh, bright and slightly dry flavor that stands out especially in Gin & Tonic.

Iradier y Bulfy IPA GINIPA GIN detalle
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Premium craft vodka. 100% Natural, without chemicals or added sugar.

Exclusive "Grain to Bottle" process: care and control of all the elaboration phases, starting from the grain, its fermentation, distilling and bottling in situ. We make our alcohol in the micro-distillery itself through the natural process of fermentation (such as wines or beers), leaving aside the common practice in the industry of buying alcohol from large industrial spirits producers. Made 100% with barley.

We thus obtain a quality product "Gran Cru" that has been taken care of batch by batch, bottle by bottle to offer the best flavor.

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Premium craft Gin type DRY GIN. 100% natural, no flavors, no chemicals, no added sugar. Handmade in micro-distillery, in small batches , with natural and local ingredients.

Elaborated with botanicals that Martin Sessé had the opportunity to study in his exploring travels to the "New World" along with botanicals of the purest Madrid such as violet and verbena.

Due to its high distillation quality, it is not subjected to any filtering and thus preserves all the flavor and nuances of its botanists.



Premium quality craft vodka. 100% natural, without added chemicals or sugars. Distilled of Spanish grape and cereal in exclusive batches of 380 numbered bottles.

Vodka RIP has a unique character, full of nuances, coming from the grape alcohol. The slow distillations in copper make it a vodka of great smoothness and softness in the mouth and throat.

The quality of an alcohol is measured by the quality of the distillations, and in RIP Vodka we produce such a pure alcohol that we do not subject it to any type of subsequent filtering. The process ends with resting and subsequent hydration at 40% vol. Alc.

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